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Note: Light Battle and Light Strike products do not work together, these are two different systems. Click here to compare Light Battle and Light Strike.

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Light Strike is the alternative to Nerf toy guns
With Light Strike laser pistols and laser rifles you have no problems with arrows that can get lost or get in the eyes. Light Strike laser tag toy uses harmless infrared light, which is comparable to the remote control of a television. Light Strike is much safer than Nerf toys. In the laser game, the guns and pistols of the opponents are the targets that you have to aim for. The life force decreases when you are hit. With a Light Strike gun you can also shoot an unlimited amount of bullets and you don't have to reload arrows after a while like with a Nerf gun. So if you want to buy Nerf, first look at Light Strike and Light Battle laser tag toys! With our toys it's just a matter of putting the batteries in and you're ready play! You can create a maximum of 4 teams with an unlimited number of players in each team.

Light Strike pistols vs. Light Strike rifles
Light Strike laser pistols are compact and easy to operate and therefore very suitable for the youngest players. The Light Strike rifles are larger and can be expanded with various accessories. Only the laser tag rifles have a reload button for ammunition. All laser tag guns have cool light and sound effects and a indication of the number of lives you have left. All laser guns also have a button for choosing the type of ammunition, activating a protection shield, choosing a team color and adjusting the volume.

Light Strike Targets
Light Strike has many fun accessories to enhance the pleasure of the game. Of course you can play regular lasertag where you have to try to eliminate your opponent by hitting them on their gun. But if you want something different, you can, for example, add the Light Strike targets to the game. You can hide this in the playing field as a flag to be captured. Find the flag of your opponent before they find your flag, but be careful not to be hit by your opponent's laser gun!

Light Strike I.T.S. System
You can also expand your set with an I.T.S. system, this stands for Intelligent Targeting System. This system has many different options. This way it can be put in play and reward the winning team with strategic benefits. Work together in "Capture the Flag" competitions where the I. T. S. system revolves around extra challenges. In "Sentry mode" the I. T. S. scans for enemies and shoots them. In the "Medic mode" the I.T.S. regenerates in health and in "Bomb mode" the I. T. S. sends an explosive burst of damage to enemies. With all the light and sound of the I.T.S. System it seems like you are in a real laser tag arena!

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